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  • Courtney & Natasha's Story | Stories | Central Speech and Hearing Clinic
    sound had meaning i e there was a 2 syllable sound you had to make when you answered the phone she said Ah Oh for hello After her cochlear implant was activated her expressive and receptive language grew by leaps and bounds Courtney was the first student with special needs in our school With the help of the AV therapists from Central Speech the teachers and educational assistants learned how to work with her and over the years to help her catch up to her peers and thrive among her family and friends As Courtney has paved the way for Natasha the road into school for Natasha was a little smoother Teachers and educational assistants continue to need direction every year and Central Speech is pivotal in that role In the elementary years the AV therapists would come to all the IEP Individualized Education Plan meetings As their direct involvement with the girls decreased so did their attendance at school meetings However the training we as parents received from the AV therapists has allowed us to continue the school s training on our own knowing that if we ever needed assistance they would be there for us One of the girl s grandmothers has severe rheumatoid arthritis Her hands are quite disfigured She also lives in another province Because the girls have learned to listen hear and speak they can talk to Grandma on the phone and have intimate conversations when she comes to visit or we go there to visit Because of Auditory Verbal Therapy they are an integral part of our school and church community Courtney and Natasha as well as their brother Leonard play in the school band Big sister Sam is currently in college This year five schools from across Canada came together for a Mass

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  • Corrina's Story | Stories | Central Speech and Hearing Clinic
    first birthday we received her definitive diagnosis of a profound hearing impairment With the support of the audiologist and auditory verbal therapists at the Central Speech and Hearing Clinic we chose to pursue Cochlear Implants for our daughter Corrina received her first cochlear implant at the age of 18 months followed by a second implant at 23 months The transformation has been revolutionary Following the activation of Corrina s implants we were stunned and amazed when she started to imitate simple sounds and words beyond her infant babbling of aaaaaaa We were so glad when we could call her from across the playground and she actually turned and looked for us It was a lesson in patience as we heard Corrina s calls to us change from AAAeeee and Oommy to Daddy and Mommy At first people could only speak to Corrina through us as we translated her squeaks and slurs for others to understand Soon though she was speaking to friends and family on her own and holding conversations about a whole range of topics Then she started doing things we never knew that she d be able to do She was talking to relatives on the phone started recognizing favourite songs on the radio and even started to sing We were and continue to be stunned and amazed at the things she has achieved in such a short time For most children language development takes shape through constant sound exposure that occurs since before birth however for Corrina we learned that we would need to actively work toward language learning Looking back I think we had a stronger relationship with our auditory verbal therapist over the first few years than we did with our families Without the help of our auditory verbal therapist we wouldn t have known

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  • Aidan's Story | Stories | Central Speech and Hearing Clinic
    just chattering to himself Aidan wasn t I brought up my concerns with our doctor While he was very supportive I was told that Aidan was considered pre term and would therefore have delays and that he would catch up A few months later my concerns boiled over again and I once again returned to my doctor for support Again I was told to give it time This happened a few more times Then when Aidan had just turned 4 in June of 2008 a social worker attended his daycare to do an assessment She noticed that Aidan was delayed and set us on the right track Aidan s hearing was tested and it was found that he had moderate to severe hearing loss in his right ear and mild hearing loss in his left ear His left ear was aided by November of 2008 Speech pathology was suggested at the time but was never followed through on I was overwhelmed and not sure where to turn and who else could help This time was very difficult for us Aidan had since started in a new daycare and was almost expelled from the daycare as he would not listen and was a safety hazard because he would run away from his group I explained that we had just found out about his hearing loss and asked for some patience Once I had informed them of this set back his daycare and subsequently the school that is connected with his daycare jumped into action to help us secure teaching aids and other funding for Aidan throughout his academic career In approximately 2011 a neighbor who attended CSHC and had cochlear implants asked how Aidan s speech and hearing development was coming along Both my mom and I expressed to her that

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  • Abby's Story | Stories | Central Speech and Hearing Clinic
    Conference VOICE Annual Conference Contact Us Donations Abby s Story Abby was diagnosed in 2012 at 7 years of age Abby was born in 2005 She is the youngest of 5 girls She was 7 weeks premature We have 2 dogs and 5 cats which Abby loves dearly As Abby got older my husband and I thought that Abby couldn t hear very well We addressed our issues to the doctors and they reassured us it was due to excess wax in her ears When we first learned that Abby had a hearing loss she was already in the last weeks of grade 1 When the letter came home from school that she didn t pass the hearing test we made an appointment with her family doctor who then sent us to see Dr Leitao We were informed that she had sensorineural hearing loss and that it was permanent She has mild to moderate hearing loss in her left ear and mild hearing loss in her right ear She now wears hearing aids in both ears When seen by Dr Leitao he referred us to Central Speech Abby was receiving auditory verbal therapy bi weekly and now we are going

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