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  • My Favourite Number | Diabetes, Celiac & the Delicious Food That Fuels My Active Life | Page 26
    pampered anymore Instead my imagination with some help from paranoia started working overtime I imagined myself passing out something I ve never done in the stylist chair slowly nodding off as Gerard continued to coif and coif and coif Unaware that I was no longer responding to his queries about my hometown or my dream bicycle of choice I looked at my face in the mirror and could see the colour draining from my cheeks I actually watched myself turn pale something I d never seen happen before I don t usually find my gaze trained on my reflection for an extended period of time when I should be swigging some juice It was when my face began turning ghostly that I mustered up the confidence to tell Gerard that I have type 1 diabetes that my sugar was low and that I needed my backpack Would he mind getting it for me And Gerard was quick to action My bag appeared before me and I quickly fished around for my monitor and did a test 3 6 Not as bad as my paranoid imagination was expecting but definitely juice worthy I downed a Junior Juice Box and tore into a granola bar gluten free of course I wasn t taking any chances with this low All I wanted was a relaxing haircut Gerard waited while I ate and even threw my wrappers in the garbage when I was done The haircut resumed and our conversation turned into a diabetes education lesson While not the conversation I was originally expecting I didn t mind Gerard was legitimately interested and had lots of questions And I of course was more than willing to answer dissipate any misconceptions he had and shed light on topics he hadn t before considered Type 1 and type 2 have similarities but are also quite different Yes I take needles about five a day Oh I m always doing blood tests Yes I have to watch my sugar when I go cycling No I can eat anything I want it just sometimes takes a bit of planning and extra effort And suddenly my haircut was finished I ran my fingers through my short hair and shook my head back and forth relishing how light my hair felt atop my head I thanked Gerard for his understanding and for my new do He helped me with my jacket handed me my bag and I paid tipping a bit more than I usually would I tested 5 4 got on my bicycle and figured although my relaxing haircut hadn t gone exactly as planned that putting a little more diabetes education into the world wasn t a bad way to spend ten minutes of my day Posted in Exercise Lows and Highs Tagged cycling hair cut low blood sugar 5 Comments Welcome to My Favourite Number Posted on March 28 2009 by Laura Brandes Welcome to My Favourite Number This is my big hello to the world wide

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