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Title: My Favourite Number | Diabetes, Celiac & the Delicious Food That Fuels My Active Life

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... in the wide world of diabetes From celebrating our blood glucose victories to raising money for JDRF to sharing our knowledge through social media we are one inspired inspiring and active bunch The following items were recently brought to my attention Read on and get involved The 5 5 and 99 Club This group was created on facebook back in February with the sole purpose of celebrating that elusive and oh so wonderful 5 5 or for those Americans in the audience 99 every diabetic s favourite blood glucose number If you have Type 1 Diabetes this is THE PLACE to be seen 5 5mmol L 99mg dL is the GOLDILOCKS number for a finger prick blood glucose measurement not too high not too low but JUST RIGHT So if your BG meter registers a 5 5 post a photo of your meter and get instant bragging rights for your obviously TIGHT GLUCOSE CONTROL How fun is that Now I must confess that I have yet to see a 5 5mmol L since joining the group a couple weeks ago I have however clocked in at 5 0 5 1 5 2 5 3 5 4 5 6 5 7 5 8 and 5 9 Seriously diabetes Can t you just give me this one little pleasure I m starting to think that my meter is programmed against displaying this holy grail reading I ll keep you updated When I do finally get my first photo for The 5 5 and 99 Club I will certainly be making good use of those bragging rights Portraits for a Cure Fellow Victorian and type 1 diabetic Natalie Woods is using her photography skills to raise awareness about diabetes and raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Natalie is the talent behind When Shutters Click Photography and 25 of every portrait session booked before June 4th will be donated to the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes This year the Victoria walk is talking place on June 12th You can learn more at Natalie s website Connected in Motion Trail Mix Vlog CIM has just launched its new vlog series Diabetes Trail Mix This weekly vlog will provide an online hub for Slipstreamers to ask questions and get answers to their diabetes queries In the first episode Connected in Motion s Chloe and Jen describe the process of diabetes education as akin to packing a big backpack and they ask the question what are you looking to add to your diabetes backpack Once I stopped being distracted by the Rocky Mountain backdrop and my desire to board the first plane out of Victoria to western Alberta I was able to focus on the question If my diabetes backpack is my stronghold of knowledge tools skills and strategies related to living with this disease what do I want to add The following is my answer as posted on the CIM facebook page At this point I m looking for all the tricks of the...

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