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Title: Zach's Story

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... and devastated as we adjusted to the idea that our child would have a different kind of lifestyle than the typical child We slowly began to understand what that diagnosis meant and the challenges Zach would face as he grew and throughout his life But he was still Zach The same Zachary that he was before the scary diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy Zach who loved to traverse on riding toys with his brothers as we pushed him around the room making motorcycle noises Zach who was so excited after he successfully dragged himself up the stairs with much support chasing after his brothers Aidan and Aaron who went around the corner five minutes ago Zach who giggled hysterically as he was bounced on the trampoline by his favorite person his big sister Chloe Zachary who carried toys with much effort over to his baby sister Katarina so he could play peek with her We researched different ways to help knowing there was no cure for Cerebral Palsy but wanting Zach to have the opportunity to gain every skill and independence he could We looked at different therapies recreational activities treatments such as stem cell research and Botox and equipment As we gained more and more information we realized that there were many pieces of equipment that could potentially help our child do both those things Crawl trainers positioning devices walkers scooter boards playground equipment etc We also quickly became aware of the huge cost of equipment for special needs kids We met other parents with dusty equipment in their basements and garages that their children had outgrown and they didn t know what to do with We met families carefully saving their pennies and trying to decide which of the astronomically expensive pieces of equipment that have been recommended to...

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